Be My Valentine
Hand Made Valentine Card for that Special Someone


Valentine Woven Band - 24”
Scroll Braid - 24”
Packaged Bows - 2
Dark Pink Ribbon - 3 yds
Light Pink Ribbon - 3 yds
Pink Ruffled Lace - 24”
Pinweaving Shuttle
Fusible Interfacing 7” x 4”
Foam Board or Corrugated Cardboard 8” x 5” - 1
Greeting Card 5” x 7” - 1
Mini Tassels with Cord - 1

Pinweaving Instructions:

1. Center grid with heart pattern on foamboard.

2. Center interfacing, fusible side up on the grid and pin in place.

3. Cut 11 - 7” pieces of dark pink ribbon. These are your warp strips.

4. Lay each warp strip between grid lines and pin ribbon ends in place. Use pin dots on grid as your guide and be sure to angle pins outward from fusible interfacing. (Ribbon will overlap pattern slightly. Be sure entire pattern is covered.)

5. Thread shuttle with light pink ribbon and weave through the warp - over, under, over, etc. Once ribbon is woven through all warp strips, cut ribbon leaving 1/2” on each end. Slide strip down warp to cover the point of the bottom heart.

6. Repeat step 5, weaving the next piece opposite to the first - under, over, under, etc. Slide this piece down to the first so no interfacing shows. Continue weaving a checkerboard pattern to the top of the second heart.

7. Steam press the weaving with pins still in board, wool setting. Do not slide the iron. Place and press different areas of weaving at a time. (To insure a good bond between weaving and interfacing, leave iron in place for about 8-10 seconds before moving to another area.)

8. Remove all pins from board. Turn weaving over and press again.

9. Cut heart pattern from grid.

10. Trace heart pattern twice onto back of weaving. Cut hearts from weaving.
11. Glue pink lace to back edge of each heart. Start at top of heart and continue
around entire edge. (See photo.)

12. Glue scroll braid over raw edge of  each pin woven heart. Start at top of
heart and continue around entire edge. (See photo.)

13. Glue packaged bow over scroll braid to hide ends. (See photo.)

Assemble Card:
14. Glue woven band around top and bottom edges of card. You may cut
ends of band at the edge of card or overlap so that ends are inside card.
(See Photo.)

15. Glue hearts in place.

16. Tie corded tassels around folded edge of card.

Enlarge pattern 200%


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